Newfoundland dog database
Klub novofundlandský pes ČR

Newfoundland dog database KNFP ČR was created primarily to meet the needs of the club and club's website to ensure the simplest way to make available information about stud dogs and brood bitches, breeding documents, expected and born puppies, about club members kennels, shows and selections results etc.

We are very pleased that the database is used to search a wide range of information by owners, breeders and lovers of the breed.

We greatly appreciate the interest of the replenishment the database with more information and photos from your side. If you have any materials to add or have any questions or comments, contact the administrators (see. Contacts on the left).

If you will not find expected information in our database (especially about foreign individuals), we recommend you visiting the most comprehensive database of Newfoundlands dogs:

We wish you a pleasant walk through the virtual world of amazing Newfies!

Newfoundland dog database KNFP ČR currently includes 14776 individuals

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MALE 6608

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black 7943
unknown 2414
black/rec.brown 1307
brown 1099
white-black 927
black/rec.white-black 811
black/rec.gray 118
white-black/rec.gray 32
black/rec.white-black/rec.gray 29
brown/rec.gray 19
black/rec.brown/rec.gray 18
black/rec.white-black/rec.brown 17
gray 14
white-black/rec.brown 12
brown/rec.white-black 7
white-brown 5
black/rec.white-black/rec.brown/rec.gray 2
white-black/rec.gray/rec.brown 1
white-gray 1